4 Best ways to hide rust on truck

4 Best ways to hide rust on truck

Rust can be as stubborn as an ex who won't stop texting you, and it can get expensive to fix. But fear not, we've got 4 easy-peasy ways to hide that rusty stuff and make it look better. Whether it's your car or your truck.

Spray Paint Cans: 
Okay, we know fancy car shops can charge a ton to fix rust. But here's a cheaper trick: go to a paint store or look online for a spray can that matches your car's color using the color code found in your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). They can whip up a can of paint that matches your car's color perfectly, and you can even find these spray cans online for about $20 to $30. Spray that paint on the rusty spot, and ta-da! The rust is hidden. Just remember, it's like putting a band-aid on the problem, not a real fix.

Remove Rusted Body Part: Now, we understand that you can't just yank the doors off your car (unless you're going for a radical makeover). But here's the deal: you can actually cut out the rusted part from the fenders or take out the rear bumper, depending on your vehicle type. It might sound a bit daring, but for some cars, it's doable and can make the rust disappear.

Fender Flares: If you've got a truck and you're dealing with pesky rust around the wheel wells, here's a nifty solution: fender flares. These bad boys are a truck's best friend when it comes to hiding rust. They're a breeze to install, and the best part is, you don't have to go all DIY and start drilling holes in your precious truck. Just slap on those fender flares, and your rusty problem is out of sight, out of mind. And guess what? Big Boys Toys Accessories offers fender flares for Dodge Ram, Ford trucks, and more. Easy peasy!

Here is an example for you. :)

Rusty truck covered with fender flares

Aftermarket Accessories:
Here's a neat trick: grab some cool stuff like step boards, bumper guards, and other car bling. Just stick these on top, and they'll make your ride look awesome while hiding that rust. It's like giving your car a makeover without the big cost. But remember, the rust won't stay hidden forever, so keep an eye on it!

Hope these tricks help you in your battle against rust. Rust can be a real headache, but remember, these methods are more like quick fixes than permanent solutions. If you can, it's always a good idea to get rust properly fixed. However, if you're dealing with an old beater and you're okay with a little rust character, maybe it's not such a bad thing to let it stay. Just embrace the quirks and keep on rolling! Thanks for reading, and here's to a rust-free (or rust-hidden) future!


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