4 Tips To Spot Fake Carbon Fiber

4 Tips To Spot Fake Carbon Fiber

Sometimes it can become impossible to tell if it is real carbon fiber or fake carbon fiber but here are some tips to find out if it is REAL or FAKE.

1: Holographic Effect:

One way to find out if it is real carbon or not is by looking for the holographic effect which is created when it is exposed to sunlight. When light hits the surface of carbon fiber it will create an effect which can be seen by naked eye as moving.


Real Carbon Fiber

Fake Carbon Fiber

2: Texture:

Fake carbon fiber or carbon fiber will have a texture which you can feel most of the time by just touching it but real carbon fiber does not have that texture it is smooth as it is usually coated with epoxy.

3: Weight:

Carbon fiber is light in weight because of its density but fake carbon fiber is made with plastic which is most of the hydro dip or vinyl which is a denser material and it becomes heavier. This is something that everybody knows but is not able to compare with something.

4: Weave Pattern:

Carbon fiber has a distinctive weave pattern which can only be formed in real carbon fiber and cannot be formed in vinyl as it you cannot form that weave with vinyl due to density of the material. Please look at image for closer look

Side by side comparison of Real Carbon Fiber

Side by Side comparison of real and fake carbon fiber

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