Dodge Charger Accessories

Best Dodge Charger Accessories

Charger Rear Diffuser:

Rear Diffuser gives your charger bold styling to the rear end. Diffuser easy to install and has OEM fitting. Downside of this product it does not fit SXT trim. Shop Rear diffuser

Interior Accessories:

As we all know Charger has the same old interior from 2014 to make your interior more sporty look go with carbon fiber bezels. There are different kinds of bezels available for dodge charger. Such as Steering wheel, Cup holder trim, Dash Cover and other bezels. Shop the whole package.

Dodge Charger Front bumper nose cover for SRT

Are you tired of that dull plastic cover in front of your SRT. Get rid of that plastic cover with this carbon fiber cover. Made with real carbon it surely does it make it stand out.

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