Dodge Charger Puddle Lights Not Working

Here are some easy tricks you can try to get your puddle lights working for Dodge Charger. These tips will help you troubleshoot the issue and hopefully have those cool lights shining again in no time.

Light Flickering:

If your puddle lights flicker and then suddenly shut off when you connect them, it usually means there's a problem with the lights. There's a small electric part trying to keep them running, but it's not working well. The best fix here is to swap out the lights for new ones. That should sort out the flickering issue and keep your lights shining steadily once you've put in the new ones.

No Light:

If your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lights don't turn on when you open the door, try swapping them with the lights from the other side. If the swapped light works, it probably means the bulb in your original light has burned out. You can fix this by changing the bulb in the puddle lights. They usually have two screws that you can remove to access and replace the bulb. This simple swap should get your lights shining again like they should when you open the door.

Blown Fuse:

When all your puddle lights refuse to work, it's likely due to a blown fuse. Check your rear trunk's fuse box—each fuse is labelled—and look for the puddle lights fuse, usually labelled as number 8 with a 30 amp rating. Swap out the blown fuse with a new one of the same kind, and you should have those puddle lights shining again without any issues.

Custom Puddle Lights:
When troubleshooting custom puddle lights, the same methods apply, but there's a difference when it comes to fixing them. Unlike traditional bulbs, custom lights often use laser technology instead. So, if there's an issue, you won't be able to change the bulb. However, ensuring you invest in high-quality Charger puddle lights is key—they last longer and shine brighter. If you're on the hunt for top-notch lights, Big Boys Toys Accessories offer the best and brightest options in the market. Check out our selection here to upgrade your Charger's lighting game!

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